Make the Change Without the Worry.

Coding, billing and the entire revenue management cycle is a vital part of every medical practice. Any interruption of service can be financially devastating. Recognizing this, we’ve developed a systematic, four-phase transition process.

This seamless process will ensure no disruption to your practice or your cash flow.

Step 1 Preparation
We meet with the client to review their current billing environment, what their billing processes are, and what practice management system they are utilizing. This step provides the foundation from which all recommendations are made.

Step 2 Analyze
We analyze the information we receive from detailed reports and conversations to determine how the billing process will best be handled. We then turn things over to our technical team. Our IT department will work with the client to set up a VPN (virtual private network). This will allow us to access your system remotely and securely through the HIPAA Compliant Portal.

Step 3 Transition
We meet with the client to review the new billing processes, define a workflow, and establish lines of communication between the office staff and an Alliance Account Specialist. Connectivity is tested, then finalized.

Step 4 Execution
At this point, the transition process is complete and full-scale execution begins. We will then conduct process reviews, eliminating workflow redundancies that will improve productivity, improve turnaround time, and benefit your bottom line.